While producing Blood on the Coal, it became obvious that there were too many great stories to fit entirely into the film. Learn more about the amazing stories of Queensland miners in these featurettes.

Kianga Disaster

The Women

The Union

Strike Support

Ipswich Coal Barrons

Digger Goes To Parliament

Collinsville Staydown Strike

Back to Mulligan

49 National Coal Strike


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This remarkable award winning film traces the history of Australia’s Queensland coal miners and their Union from the darkest days of the 19th century to the daunting industrial, safety and community challenges driven by giant global corporations today.
It is a story of struggle and survival, of courage and determination, of tragedy and triumph and of never giving up, even in the face of the most daunting challenges.
The stories in the film are told with compelling honesty, humour and wit by miners and their communities who survive in one of the world’s most hazardous industries – coal mining.

Written in the blood of mineworkers and their families, Blood on the Coal tells the story of Australia’s Queensland coalfields – one of the world’s richest energy resources and for 150 years a bitter industrial battleground.

A story of struggle and tragedy, the film features harrowing underground disasters, heroic rescues and traces a history of strikes, industrial turmoil and the current push by global mining giants to destroy regional communities and replace local mineworkers with a subservient itinerant workforce.

The film underscores the ongoing values of mateship, community spirit and unity in the face of powerful opposing forces. Blood on the Coal puts injustice on the record, bears witness to the human cost of mining and reveals how ordinary workers and their families pay the ultimate price for corporate greed and government neglect.


‘Blood on the Coal’ was produced by the CFMEU Queensland Mining and Energy division in conjunction with Matilda Films.

Narration / Jack Thompson
Jeff Bird / Director
Jeff Bird and Paddy Gorman / Writers
Xanon Murphy and Sofia Madden / Producers
Mark Atkin / ASE Editor
Paddy Gorman and Piers Grove / Executive Producers
Kim Smyth / Associate Producer
John Roy / Original Music
Simon Smith / Cinematographer

Full cast and film credits on IMDB.


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